Dr. TONG Tsz Ben Benson 唐梓彬博士

Department of Humanities, Language and Translation Dr. TONG Tsz Ben Benson 唐梓彬博士
doctor tong

Dr. TONG Tsz Ben Benson


BA (First Class Hons) HKBU, MPhil HKBU, PhD HKBU


Dr. Benson Tong Tsz-Ben received his Ph.D. in Chinese Language and Literature from the Hong Kong Baptist University. He is currently working as Assistant Professor at the Department of Humanities, Language and Translation of the Open University of Hong Kong. He has also taught at the Hong Kong Baptist University before joining OUHK. His research interests lie in the fields of Classical Chinese Literature, Literary Criticism and Stylistics. He has published papers in journals including Soochow Journal of Chinese Studies, SINO-HUMANITAS and Newsletter of the Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy.

Teaching Areas & Research Interests

  • Classical Chinese Poetry
  • Literary Criticism
  • Stylistics
  • Wang Anshi Studies

Selected Publications

Book Chapters
  • Study of the paired concepts of “pattern” (wen) and “writing brush” (bi) (「文筆說」之「筆」義辨). Gu dian wen xue de nei bu yan jiu (古典文學的内部研究) eds. Liu Ning, Li Pengfei,. Beijing Publishing House, 2016, pp. 381-399.(Refereed)
  • David R. Knechtges(康達維著), Tong Tsz Ben Benson translated (唐梓彬譯). A Brief Study of Liu Xin's “Sui chu fu” (劉歆《遂初賦》論略). Essays on Chinese Poetic Traditions and Textual Scholarship (中國詩歌傳統及文本研究) eds. ChenZhi,. Beijing zhonghua book company, 2013, pp. 177-225.(Refereed)
Journal Articles
  • Discussion on Wang Anshi's Five-Character and Seven-Character Regulated Verse and Its Significance in the Development of Song Poetry (論王安石五言律詩與七言律詩於宋詩發展史上的定位). Chinese Studies (漢學研究), 38.1 (2020), pp. 83-115. (THCI 臺灣人文學及社會科學核心期刊.第一級)
  • New Explanation of Han Yu's Preface of Lianju of the Stone Vessel (韓愈〈石鼎聯句詩並序〉的寓意). The World of Chinese Language and Literature (國文天地), Vol.408, 2019, pp. 111-115. (Refereed)
  • The Poetic Construction and Interpretation of “Tang Poetry” in Wang Anshi's Anthology of Works by One Hundred Tang Poets〈論王安石《唐百家詩選》對「唐詩」的建構與詩學詮釋》. Sino-Hamanitas (人文中國學報), Vol.26, 2018, pp. 63-95. (THCI 臺灣人文學及社會科學核心期刊.第一級)
  • On“the prosaic writing of Ren”(Ren bi) and Ren Fang's Place in Chinese Literary History: Analysis of Innovative Writing Style of his literary works (論「任筆」的文學史地位──以任昉在文體革新方面的成就為中心). Soochow Journal of Chinese Studies (東吳中文學報), Vol.34, 2017, pp.1-28. (THCI 臺灣人文學及社會科學核心期刊)
  • Paul R. Goldin (金鵬程著), Tong Tsz Ben Benson translated (唐梓彬譯). What Is qi, and Why Was It a Good Idea? (氣的含義及其積極意義). Sino-Hamanitas (人文中國學報), Vol.24, 2017, pp. 305-339.(THCI 臺灣人文學及社會科學核心期刊.第一級)
  • Tong Tsz Ben Benson (唐梓彬), Wong Tsz Yung (黄梓勇). International Conference on the Confucian Classics between China, Japan, and Korea (「中日韓經學國際學術研討會」會議報導). Newsletter of the Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy (中國文哲研究通訊), (Vol.20, Issue 3), 2010, pp.161-171.
  • On ZhongRong' s assessment of RenFang' s poems in ShiPin (論鍾嶸《詩品》對任昉詩歌的評價). Journal of Xuchang University (許昌學院學報), Vol.1, 2010, pp. 25-32.