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Background of the Exhibition Gallery

The Exhibition Gallery is located on 1/F, Block D of HKMU’s Jockey Club Campus. It has been fitted out as an exhibition area of approximately 40 m2 (~20 m W × 2 m H) for displaying drawings, paintings, and artworks by our student societies and schools/units, students of neighbouring schools, or artists from non-profit associations in the vicinity. It serves as a platform for promoting

Use of the Exhibition Gallery
Target Users
The Exhibition Gallery is designated to provide an exhibition area for two-dimensional paintings, drawings, or multi-media artworks. Its target users are the student societies and schools/units of HKMU, other educational institutions/schools, NGOs, non-profit associations, and individual artists in the campus vicinity.
Priority for Use
First priority – Student societies and schools/units of HKMU.
Second priority – Non-profit associations in local districts.
Third priority – Other applicants, considered on a first-come–first-served basis.
Operating Hours
The Exhibition Gallery opens daily from 9:00 am to 12:00 midnight, except during special circumstances, such as when maintenance is required or during extraordinary adverse weather.
Exhibition Period
The duration of each exhibition is generally 4 weeks, subject to an extension to a maximum of 3 months provided that there is no applicant on the waiting list.
Fees and Charges
Use of the Exhibition Gallery is free of any fees or charges.
Applicants should the application form and submit it to our Facilities Management Services provider (Hong Yip), by hand, mail, or email no less than 2 months before the intended exhibition commencement date. Only one application from each exhibitor (either personal entity, NGO, or non-profit association) will be accepted each time; duplicate submissions will not be considered. Applicants are requested to pay careful attention to the “Terms and Conditions for Submission of Display Material” before submitting the application form.
Please click the following links for the application form and terms and conditions, respectively:
1. Application Form
2. Terms and Conditions for Submission of Display Material
Management of the Exhibition Gallery
Our Facilities Management Services provider (Hong Yip) will be responsible for the daily management of the Exhibition Gallery. On-site security guards will monitor the process of installing and dismantling the display works by the exhibitor. HKMU will not be responsible for any damage to or loss of artworks that may occur during the display period.
For enquiries, please call 3120 2413 or email hkmumc@hongyip3.com.