Activity Rooms

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A) Booking Procedures

  1. All bookings must be submitted via the Online Booking System for Amenities (OBSA) from 28 January 2019 OBSA society accounts will be activated upon society request. For details, please refer to the mass mail sent to all student societies in mid-January. Bookings must only be submitted by active executive committee members of a recognised student society.
  2. Please refer to the appropriate OBSA user guide for step-by-step booking procedures.
  3. All bookings must be submitted at least 1 working day before the intended activity (current day excluded). 
  4. The weekly booking quota for each student society and school office on each campus is 4 hours in total on weekdays and 4 hours per day on weekends/public holidays
  5. A0G19 (Main Campus) will be open as a common room during non-booked hours. 
  6. Please phone our Facilities Management Services provider (Hong Yip) on 3120 2413 for enquiries.

B) Rules and Regulations for the Use of Activity Rooms

  1. Student societies members / school officers users should check that all facilities and equipment in the rooms are in good condition before use. If any damages/defects are found, these should be immediately reported to the security guards/Finance and Facilities Management Office (FFMO). Otherwise, users may be held responsible for any damage found. Expenses incurred in the repair or replacement of damaged/lost equipment or furniture will be reimbursed by users.
  2. When using AV equipment, users are reminded to keep the volume at a reasonable level to avoid disturbing other users in the immediate area.
  3. Users are required to restore all equipment in a room to its original positions after use. All electrical devices (including AV equipment, lighting, and A/C units) should be switched off after use. 
  4. Users must NOTuse any adhesive devices to attach notices or materials to walls, mirrors, ceilings, or wooden floors.
  5. No food or drinks are allowed in the activity rooms.
  6. The maximum number of users allowed in A0G19 and E0717 is 30 and 45, respectively.
  7. All activities carried out in the activity rooms must be approved in advance by the Committee of Student Affairs / School Offices .
  8. No commercial activities can be conducted in rooms.
  9. Users are responsible for their own safety when using rooms.
  10. The University reserves the right to revoke approved activity-room bookings if student societies are found to be in violation of any of the above rules.
  11. Student societies / school offices violating any of the above regulations may be immediately banned from using and booking activity rooms.
  12. The FFMO may revise the above regulations when necessary.