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Student Announcement

 (Calling for applications) Certified Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Analyst (CESGA®) Scholarship Program 2021 14-SEP-21

Friends of the Earth (HK) has partnered with the European Federation of Financial Analysts (EFFAS) to launch the internationally accredited CESGA® Program in Hong Kong.  The Scholarship Program aims to encourage young people to devote themselves to the field of sustainable finance and promote Environmental, Social and Governance development for the region. 

Application and Deadline

Applicants have to select only one scholarship [Friends of the Earth (HK) ESG Scholarship, Towngas China ESG Scholarship or Ascent Partners ESG Scholarship] when applying the Scholarship Program.  Please visit the Friends of the Earth (HK) website for more information. Application deadline is 22 October 2021.


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