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 2022 Autumn Start of Term Announcement 01-SEP-22

Dear students,

We hope you had an enjoyable summer break and are looking forward to returning to campus for the 2022 Autumn term commencing on 5 September.

To prepare for term start, we would like to share with you the following information:

Attendance Taking for Face-to-face classes

The University will resume face-to-face teaching in the 2022 Autumn term. Attendance taking will be done via the Online Learning Environment (OLE) in class, which may be in the form of answering a polling question, scanning a QR code, clicking the “Class Activities” link etc. as decided by the instructor of respective courses. You can access the OLE through a browser or the iBookcase mobile app.  Should you have any questions about OLE or iBookcase, please call 2768 6454 or email Please note that there are attendance requirements for full-time undergraduate and sub-degree programmes as well as taught post-graduate programmes so please pay attention.


University Email Account

The University email is the main form of communication between university staff, professors, tutors and students. To protect students’ personal data, the University will only send emails to students’ University email accounts. This will include response to emails that students send from their personal email accounts. In case you have to email the University with a non‑University email account, you are required to quote your student number in the email. The University will reply to your University email account only. You can set up auto email forwarding to forward a copy of all emails to your personal email if you so prefer. See instructions [HERE] .


Campus Access Control

Phase III of Campus Access Control has taken effect on 31 May 2022.  Students are required to be vaccinated with three doses to enter campus unless they are medically exempted or a recovered person from Covid-19.  For details, please click [HERE].  When you come on campus, you are required to scan the LeaveHomeSafe app and tap your Student ID card on the turnstile panel to enter.

If you haven’t submitted your full vaccination record via the Vaccination/Testing Registration System (VTRS), you are strongly advised to do so ASAP before coming on campus for classes. Please note that it will take 3 hours after submission for VTRS to update your record to enable you to gain access by tapping your Student ID card.  In case you haven’t picked up your Student ID Card yet, please do so as soon as possible at the following counters:

Study mode

Venue of Card Collection



New students: EG05 G/F Jockey Club Campus UG Admissions Counter

Continuing students: C0514 5/F Main Campus UG Counter

Taught Postgraduate

C0721 7/F Main Campus (for 1 – 2 September)

A0511 5/F Main Campus Registry Counter (from 5 September)

Distance Learning

B-128 LG/F Main Campus School of Open Learning Counter


For students who have submitted valid medical exemption certificate from vaccination, they are required to do Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) each day and obtain negative result to enter campus.  Please upload test results every 7 days via VTRS to update your test record in order to access campus.

For students under the category of Amber Code, they are allowed to enter the Campus but need to take RAT and get negative result as well as refrain from mask-off activities on campus.  For details including restrictions and designated locations for eating, please refer to the University announcement here.

The University will continue to monitor the pandemic situation closely and make necessary adjustments as and when required. Please stay vigilant in maintaining personal hygiene on and off campus. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support.  We look forward to seeing you on campus very soon.  


Agnes Choi