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 2022 Autumn Term Teaching and Learning Arrangements 31-MAY-22

Dear Students,

The 2022/23 Autumn term is scheduled to commence on Monday 5 September 2022.  To enable you to prepare for the next academic year, I would like to share with you the University’s plan for teaching and learning arrangements:

Lectures, tutorials, laboratory and practicum for the 2022 Autumn term

With the recent stabilization of the pandemic, and the HKSAR Government’s announcement on relaxation of social distancing measures and school resumption locally in Hong Kong, the University plans to resume regular face-to-face teaching in the 2022 Autumn term. While majority of the lectures will continue to be recorded for viewing and revision, there is no plan for hybrid teaching for the Term.  This announcement is made early in order to allow students, especially our non-local students, to plan accordingly for course enrolment and the resumption of face-to-face classes when the Autumn term commences.


End-of-term examinations, if required by the courses, will be on-campus proctored examination.

Non-local students coming to Hong Kong

Non-local students who are not in Hong Kong should pay attention to the quarantine requirements imposed by the Hong Kong SAR Government and make travel plans accordingly. You are also advised to pay attention to the Government’s arrangements for Provisional Vaccine Pass and non-local recovery record for inbound travelers.  For students from the Mainland, please note that physically taking your study in Hong Kong is the requirement of the Ministry of Education (MoE) for recognition of academic qualification obtained in Hong Kong.  To ensure that you can come to Hong Kong for classes, you are reminded to check the validity of your student visa and allow sufficient time for the processing of student visa application should it be required.

Campus access control

In alignment with the HKSAR Government’s latest arrangements on vaccination requirements of Vaccine Pass (details), the University has updated its Campus Access Control Measures accordingly. All students are required to have been vaccinated with at least three doses (or two doses if the 2nd dose has only been received in less than 6 months) from 31 May 2022 in order to access the campus, unless they are exempted under the campus access requirement as announced earlier (link). You are also required to use the LeaveHomeSafe app to show the QR code of your electronic vaccination record or exemption certificate as well as tap your HKMU Student ID card prior to entering the campus. For details, please refer to (circular 70) as announced by the University on 30 April 2022 via this link here.

While online learning has proven to be successful over the past years as an alternative teaching arrangement, campus life is an integral part of a university journey and is essential for students to gain a holistic university experience. Despite the impact brought about by COVID-19 might abruptly change within a short period of time, we believe we will be able to overcome the hurdles, and we look forward to welcoming both our new and current students back on campus in the new academic year.


Reggie Kwan



LiPACE students will receive email notification from the School separately.

Distance Learning students will receive notification separately from respective School about class arrangements.