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 (Calling for applications) Link University Scholarship 2022/23 10-MAY-22

The Link University Scholarship aims to award students who are the first amongst three generations in their families to attend university in Hong Kong.  The scholarship grant for each awardee is HK$20,000.

Application and Deadline 

  • Applicants must be local students (click HERE to check definition) and will study Year 2 to 4 in the 2022/23 academic year.
  • Please click here for details of eligibility and selection criteria. For supporting proof of the first-generation university student, please provide either a recommendation letter (signed by the principal or teacher of previous secondary school, see template) or a declaration (see template) issued by Home Affairs Department of HKSAR.
  • Please submit application via online system before 02 August 2022 (6:00pm). Late submission will not be accepted.


E-mail Address: (HKCSS) / (Link)