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Dr. Yu Xuying 郁旭映博士
Head of Humanities, Language and Translation
Associate Professor
School of Arts and Social Sciences

Teaching Areas & Research Interests

  • Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature
  • Literary Criticism
  • Taiwan Literature
  • Modern Chinese Intellectual History

Academic & Professional Experience

Research Funding

Projet Member: “文學計算批評路徑研究”, 國家社科基金項目·一般項目,2024-2026.

Projet Member: 基於史料發掘的南來文人佚作輯錄與年表編撰“, 國家社科基金項目·一般項目,2024-2026.。 

Co-PI,"Chinese Mythology in the Digital Age", Sin Wai Kin Foundation, Jan 2023-Dec 2025.

PI, “Critical Reflections on Anthropocene in Chinese Science Fiction”, 12/2021 – 11/2022, Pilot Work, HKMU.

PI, “Ecological Narratives in Chinese Science Fiction: A Study on Liu Cixin” ,12/4/2021 -30/11/2021, OUHK R&D Funding.

Co-I, “Humanism and Post-humanism in post-1990s’s Chinese Science Fiction”, Research Development Fund (RDF) , Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, 1 Feb 2020-1 Feb 2023.

PI, “Fevers of National Learning in 20th century China: Post-enlightenment Phenomena”,FDS, Research Grants Council of Hong Kong 1 Jan 2018-30 June 2020.

PI, “Anti-utopia and Dystopia in Contemporary Chinese ScienceFiction”,PACRD, The Open University of Hong Kong, 1 Jan-31 Dec 2018.



“Jamie Bishop Memorial Award 2021" Finalist, "From Anthropocene to Chthulucene? An Interpretation of Liu Cixin’s  Pan-species Communism"



Selected Publications

Book Chapters

  • Yu, Xuying(2024). Crime as Historical Testimony: Narrative Suspense in Neo-Dongbei Literature. In: Chen, Z.T., Han, J., Kuang, X., Liu, X. (eds) Identity, Space, and Everyday Life in Contemporary Northeast China. Palgrave Macmillan, Singapore.
  • Yu, Xuying. 2022. Utopia. in Li Guangyi (Ed) Introduction to Science Fiction. Chongqing: Chongqing University Press.pp62-72. [in Chinese]
  • Yu, Xuying.(2022). A Strategic Universalism: An Interpretation of Chinese Cultural Conservatism Through a Case Study of the Xueheng School in Kelly Kar Yue Chan, Chi Sum Garfield Lau (eds) Cross-Cultural Encounters in Modern and Premodern China Global Networks, Mediation, and Intertextuality. Singapore: Springer. pp19-40.
  • Yu, Xuying.(2022). Autopoiesis and Sympoiesis: Imagining Post-Anthropocene in Contemporary Chinese Science Fiction( Riccardo Moratto, trans) in Riccardo Moratto, Nicoletta Pesaro, Di-kai Chao (eds). Ecocriticism and Chinese Literature Imagined Landscapes and Real Lived Spaces. London: Routledge. pp.142-155.DOI: 10.4324/9781003212317-12.
  • YU Xuying(2020), “Roles of Western Learning in Fevers of National Learning in Twentieth-Century China”, Kar Yue Chan, Kelly, Lau, Chi Sum Garfield (Eds.) Chinese Culture in the 21st Century and its Global Dimensions:Comparative and Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Springer Singapore. pp.181-201.

Journal Articles

  • Liu, Xi &Yu, Xuying. 2023. The Genealogy of Posthuman-feminism. Theoretical Studies in Literature and Art (CSSCI) ,43(3), pp. 122-132.[In Chinese].
  • Yu, Xuying. 2023. From Anthropocene to Chthulucene? An Interpretation of Liu Cixin's Ecological Narratives. Chinese Modern Literature (THCI), Issue 42, pp. 223-243. [In Chinese]
  • Yu, Xuying. (2021). Chaoshan in Post-Human Age: Hometown in Chen Qiufan's Science Fiction. The Yangtze River Criticism(CSSCI), 4, pp.82-89.[In Chinese]
  • Yu, Xuying.(2022). Women, Body and Discourse: Theatres and Documentaries of Wen Hui.O-Square,11, pp.168-200. [In Chinese].
  • Yu, Xuying.(2021). Competition between Realism and Modernism: The Debate on Taiwan Nativist Literature in the 1970s. Literature in Chinese,6, pp.5-14. [In Chinese].
  • Yu, Xuying. (2020). Disease and Medicine in Contemporary Chinese Science Fiction, Chung-Wai Literary Quarterly (THCI), 49(3), pp.145-180. [In Chinese].
  • Yu, Xuying.(2019). A Comparative Study on Chinese Anti-utopian and Dystopian Science Fiction, The Yangtze River Criticism(CSSCI), 4, pp.36-44. [In Chinese].
  • Yu, Xuying. (2016. Imagination of Modernity in 1980s: A Study on Liu Cixin's China 2185, Journal of Chinese Literary Studies, 12, pp.44-55. [In Chinese].
  • Yu, Xuying. (2013). The Dilemma of Culturalism: Review of Shu-mei Shih The Lure of the Modern, China Book Review(CSSCI Extension), 9, pp.51-55. [In Chinese].
  • Yu, Xuying. (2013). Welcome to the Desert of the Real!, Architectural World, 10, pp.15-18. [In Chinese].
  • Yu, Xuying. (2013). How Do You Feel in Your Body?, Architectural Worlds, 8, pp.18-19. [In Chinese].
  • Yu, Xuying. (2012). What We Talk about When We Talk about Food, China Book Review(CSSCI Extension),10, pp.28 – 33.[In Chinese].
  • Yu, Xuying. 2012. Recovering Bodies: Folk Memory Project and Art Activism, Chinese Independent Film, 11, pp.14-16.[In Chinese].
  • Yu, Xuying. 2009. Metaphor of Cancer Ward, Russian Literature & Arts(CSSCI), 1, pp.56-60.[In Chinese].

Selected Professional & Community Services

  • Editorial Board: Newsletter for Science Fiction Studies [科幻研究通訊]
  • Book Reviewer: Springer Nature
  • Reviewer of the Chinese Nebula Awards 2024
  • Reviewer of DiGRA 2024

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