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Dr. Yu Xuying 郁旭映博士
Acting Head of Humanities, Language and Translation
Associate Professor
School of Arts and Social Sciences

Teaching Areas & Research Interests

  • Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature
  • Literary Criticism
  • Taiwan Literature
  • Modern Chinese Intellectual History

Academic & Professional Experience

Research Fundings

PI, “中國科幻小說中的生態敘事——以劉慈欣為例”,OUHK R&D Fund for Individual Academic Unit, April 2021- Nov. 2021.

Co-I, Humanism and Post-humanism in post-1990s’s Chinese Science Fiction”, Research Development Fund (RDF) , Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, 1 Feb 2020-1 Feb 2023.

PI, “Fevers of National Learning in 20th century China: Post-enlightenment Phenomena”,FDS, Research Grants Council of Hong Kong 1 Jan 2018-30 June 2020.

PI, “Anti-utopia and Dystopia in Contemporary Chinese ScienceFiction”,PACRD, The Open University of Hong Kong, 1 Jan-31 Dec 2018.


“Jamie Bishop Memorial Award 2021" Finalist, "From Anthropocene to Chthulucene? An Interpretation of Liu Cixin’s  Pan-species Communism"


Selected Publications

Book Chapters

  • Yu, Xuying.(2022). A Strategic Universalism: An Interpretation of Chinese Cultural Conservatism Through a Case Study of the Xueheng School in Kelly Kar Yue Chan, Chi Sum Garfield Lau (eds) Cross-Cultural Encounters in Modern and Premodern China Global Networks, Mediation, and Intertextuality. Singapore: Springer. pp19-40.
  • Yu, Xuying.(2022). Autopoiesis and Sympoiesis: Imagining Post-Anthropocene in Contemporary Chinese Science Fiction( Riccardo Moratto, trans) in Riccardo Moratto, Nicoletta Pesaro, Di-kai Chao (eds). Ecocriticism and Chinese Literature Imagined Landscapes and Real Lived Spaces. London: Routledge. pp.142-155. .
  • YU Xuying(2020), “Roles of Western Learning in Fevers of National Learning in Twentieth-Century China”, Kar Yue Chan, Kelly, Lau, Chi Sum Garfield (Eds.) Chinese Culture in the 21st Century and its Global Dimensions:Comparative and Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Springer Singapore. pp.181-201.
  • 郁旭映:〈八十年代的現代性想像―論劉慈欣《中國2185》〉,《數碼時代的中國人文學科研究》,台北:秀威資訊,2018年.

Journal Articles

  • 郁旭映:〈後人類時代的潮汕——陳楸帆科幻小說中的故鄉書寫〉,《揚子江評論》2021年第4期 (CSSCI 中文社會科學引文索引):頁82-89.
  • 郁旭映:〈女性、身體和話語——文慧的劇場與紀錄片創作分析〉,《方圓》春季號(總第十一期),頁170-201。
  • 郁旭映:〈中國當代科幻小說中的疾病與醫療書寫〉,《中外文學》,49卷3期,2020年9月(THCI 臺灣人文學及社會科學核心期刊.第一級):145-180.
  • 郁旭映:〈中國當代反烏托邦和惡托邦科幻小說比較研究〉,《揚子江評論》,2019年第4期 (CSSCI 中文社會科學引文索引).
  • 郁旭映:〈八十年代的現代性想像——論劉慈欣《中國2185》〉,《文學論衡》總第29期,2016年12月.
  • 郁旭映:〈難以突圍的文化主義悖論——評史書美《現代的誘惑》〉,《中國圖書評論》第9期 (2013.9):51-55.
  • 郁旭映:〈您在您的皮囊里感覺好嗎?〉,《世界建築導報》2013年第8期: 18-19.
  • 郁旭映,〈身體性的復蘇——「民間記憶計畫」的藝術行動主義〉,《中國獨立影像》, 2012年第11期:14-16.
  • 郁旭映:〈當我們談論美食時我們在談論什麼?〉,《中國圖書評論》 2012年第11期:28-33.
  • 郁旭映:〈疾病的隱喻〉,《俄羅斯文藝》 2009年第1期:56-60. (中文核心期刊)

Selected Professional & Community Services

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