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Dr. Lam Sui Kwong Sunny 林萃光博士
BSSc HKBU, MA Kingston London, MPhil HKU, PhD CUHK
Associate Professor
School of Arts and Social Sciences


Dr Lam is a cross-disciplinary scholar and media artist serving as an art advisor and examiner of the Film and Media Arts Group of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council and a member of the Hong Kong Designers Association. He received his PhD in Communication at the School of Journalism and Communication in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, MPhil in Comparative Literature at the University of Hong Kong, MA in Screen Design for Film and Television at Kingston University London, and BSSc in Communication at the School of Communication in the Hong Kong Baptist University. He is now Associate Professor of Advertising and Media Design at the School of Arts and Social Sciences of the Open University of Hong Kong. He served as the Digital Culture Research Centre Director of the Research Institute for Digital Culture and Humanities from 2015 to 2018. And he is Associate Editor of the Springer book series of Digital Culture and Humanities: Challenges and Developments in a Globalized Asia.

Teaching Areas & Research Interests

  • Digital media and aesthetics
  • Social media and digital communication
  • Advertising and consumption behavior
  • Film and television production
  • Critical theory and cultural studies
  • Globalization and comparative studies
  • Ethnographic studies

Academic & Professional Experience

Dr Lam aims at creating his scholarship and social research knowledge for cultural and societal development of sustainability in digital and new media as well as media and cultural policy for local and global creative industries. Both his former industrial experiences and academic backgrounds help him achieve the goals for balancing research and productive evidences for academic, industrial, as well as governmental institutions, especially in the fields of digital media and design, cinema and television, advertising and digital marketing, and art and cultural studies.

Dr Lam has both practical and theoretical skills and knowledge to conduct in-depth academic and marketing research by means of both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, especially visual and video ethnography, focus group, and experimental design. Triangulation and cross-referencing with different conceptual knowledge and empirical findings is the best means to achieve higher level of information and knowledge leading to wisdom. This is always the objectives for research and the necessity for successful and pioneering academic and business development. Dr Lam’s expertise in interdisciplinary research and cultural studies of digital media, participatory culture, film and media arts, and visual and mobile communication is particularly significant to the rapidly changing development in contemporary creative media and cultural industries.

Selected Publications

Book Chapters

  • 馬傑偉、馮應謙、林萃光。(2011)。後京奧香港身份認同。In 香港、生活、文化,呂大樂、吳俊雄、馬傑偉 合編,54-67。Hong Kong: Oxford University Press.
  • Lam, S.K. Sunny. (2009). The Contribution of Digital Media Technologies to Cultural Representations in Digital Cinematic Productions. In Representation, Expression and Identity: Interdisciplinary Insights on Multiculturalism, Conflict and Belonging, Tina Rahimy (Ed.), 13-27. Oxford, UK: Inter-Disciplinary Press. [Ebook:]
  • 林萃光。(2008)。KMB 深宵移動城市。In 不夜城-晝伏夜出的城市足跡,馬傑偉、黃培烽 主編,38-55。香港:Roundtable Publishing。
  • Lee, Gregory B. and Lam, S.K. Sunny. (2002). Wicked Cities: Cyberculture and the Reimagining of Identity in the “Non-Western” Metropolis. In Aliens R Us: The Other in Science Fiction Cinema, Ziauddin Sardar and Sean Cubitt (Eds.), 111-133. London: Pluto Press.
  • 林萃光。(2000)。數碼藝術的創意教學。In 創意無限新挑戰,林慧潔、林萃光、譚國明、梁正 合著,21-38。香港:優質教育基金,香港藝術中心。

Journal Articles

  • Tam, Kwok-kan; Lam, S.K. Sunny; Law, T.F. Angela; Yip, K.M. David; Mak, S.F. Vincent; & Fung, B.F. Makin. (2014). From idea to practice – Creative arts programmes at the Open University of Hong Kong. Journal of Youth Studies, 17(2): 50-61.
  • Lam, S.K. Sunny. (2013). ICT’s impact on family solidarity and upward mobility in translocal China. Asian Journal of Communication, 23(3): 322-340.
  • Lam, S.K. Sunny. (2010). “Global corporate cultural capital” as a drag on glocalization: Disneyland’s promotion of the Halloween Festival. Media, Culture & Society, 32(4): 631-648.
  • Lam, S.K. Sunny. (2006). Creative Visual Art Education – Future Prospect of Hong Kong Creative Industries. ArtsLink, March 2006.
  • Lam, S.K. Sunny. (2005). The Fate of Media Arts in Hong Kong. ArtsLink, October 2005.

Selected Professional & Community Services

  • 2019 Reviewer, Philosophy Theory & Critique Division at 69th Annual ICA Conference: Communication Beyond Boundaries, Washington D.C., USA, 24-28 May 2019
  • 2018 External Examiner, PhD Oral Defense at the School of Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University
  • 2017-present Associate Editor, Digital Culture and Humanities: Challenges and Developments in a Globalized Asia (Series Editor: Tam, Kwok-kan), a Springer book series
  • 2016-present Reviewer, Journal of Communication & Education
  • 2016-present Reviewer, Critical Studies in Television
  • 2015-present External Examiner for the BA (Hons) in Applied and Media Arts, College of Professional and Continuing Education, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • 2014-present Judge, RTHK (Animation Commissioning Exercise)
  • 2012 Panel Member for Pui Ching Academy’s Programme Validation, Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic & Vocational Qualifications
  • 2011-present Reviewer, New Media & Society
  • 2005-present Art Advisor, Examiner & Assessor, Film and Media Arts Group of Hong Kong Arts Development Council

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