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Dr. Ortmann Stephan 博士
Assistant Professor
School of Arts and Social Sciences


Teaching Areas & Research Interests

  • Hong Kong policy
  • Hong Kong politics
  • Comparative politics
  • Political history
  • Asian politics

Academic & Professional Experience

Dr. Stephan Ortmann has joined the School of Arts and Social Sciences, HKMU in January 2023. He received his PhD and MA from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany. Previously, he has worked at the City University of Hong Kong.

Selected Publications


  • Ortmann, Stephan and Mark R. Thompson (eds.). 2020. China's ‘Singapore Model’ and Authoritarian Learning. London: Routledge.
  • Ortmann, Stephan. 2017. Environmental Governance in Vietnam: Institutional Reforms and Failures. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Ortmann, Stephan. 2010. Politics and Change in Singapore and Hong Kong: Containing Contention. London and New York: Routledge.

Journal Articles

  • Ortmann, Stephan. 2022. "Liberal Vestiges in an Illiberal Regime: The Case of Singapore," Society, ahead-of-print.
  • Ortmann, Stephan. 2021. “Hong Kong’s constructive identity and political participation: Resisting China’s blind nationalism,” Asian Studies Review, 45:2, pp. 306-324.
  • Ortmann, Stephan. 2019. "Contentious politics and democratization in Hong Kong: Explaining growing demands for self-determination", Asian Education and Development Studies, 9:4, pp. 547-557.
  • Thompson, Mark R., and Stephan Ortmann. 2018. “Mis-Modelling Singapore: China's Challenges in Learning from the City-State,” The China Quarterly, 236, pp. 1014-1032.
  • Yang, Kai, and Stephan Ortmann. 2018. “From Sweden to Singapore: The Relevance of Foreign Models for China's Rise,” The China Quarterly, 236, pp. 946-967.
  • Ortmann, Stephan. 2016. "Political Development in Hong Kong: The Failure of Democratization," Asian International Studies Review, 17:2, pp. 199-219.
  • Ortmann, Stephan. 2016. "The lack of sovereignty, the Umbrella Movement, and democratisation in Hong Kong," Asia Pacific Law Review, 24:2, pp. 108-122.
  • Ortmann, Stephan and Mark R. Thompson. 2016. "China and the 'Singapore model'", Journal of Democracy, 27:1, pp. 39-48.
  • Ortmann, Stephan. 2015. "The Umbrella Movement and Hong Kong's Protracted Democratization Process," Asian Affairs, 46:1, pp. 32-50.
  • Ortmann, Stephan. 2015. “Political Change and Civil Society Coalitions in Singapore,” Government and Opposition, 5:1, pp. 119-139.
  • Ortmann, Stephan. 2014. "The Significance of By-elections for Political Change in Singapore's Authoritarian Regime," Asian Survey, 54:4, pp. 725–748.

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