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Dr. Law Lok Yin 羅樂然博士
BA & BEd HKBU, MA CUHK, PhD NTU Singapore
Assistant Professor
School of Arts and Social Sciences

Teaching Areas & Research Interests

  • Culture & History of Hong Kong and China
  • East Asian Cultural Interaction
  • Critical Heritage Studies
  • Sino-Korean Relations (particularly Qing- Chosŏn Relations)

Academic & Professional Experience

Fellowships & Award
  • Academy of Korean Studies Fellow, AKS Fellowship Program, The Academy of Korean Studies, 2021.
Grant & Funding
  • Principal Investigator, From Lingnan Folk Customs to Hong Kong Intangible Heritage: A Process of Theory and Practice, Intangible Cultural Heritage Office, HKSAR, HK$775,000, 2021-2024.
  • Principal Investigator, Survey of Enriching Intangible Cultural Heritage Inventory of Hong Kong, Intangible Cultural Heritage Office, HKSAR,  HK$503,800, 2020-2022.
  • Principal Investigator, Survey of Koreanists/Korean Studies of Digitalization of Source Support, Academy of Korean Studies, "Survey of Studies of Korean History and Culture in Hong Kong from 1950s", US$9,000, 2016-2017.

Selected Publications


  • 達志通欲——朝鮮漢語譯官與17至19世紀的中朝關係Communicating Likings and Needs: Chinese Interpreters of Chosŏn and Sino-Chosŏn Relations, 1600-1900. New Taipei: Ainosco Press; Center of Korean Studies, Chinese Culture University, 2022

Book Chapters

  • “Re-thinking Popular Culture in Hong Kong Academic Trend since 1990s,” Hong Kong History: A Global Perspective edited by Man-kong Wong &Chi-man Kwong, 181-215. London: Palgrave, 2021.
  • “教育‧政治‧新加坡繪本與漫畫的前世今生 Education, Politics, the History of Picture Books and Comics in Singapore.” 四方雲集:臺、港、中、新的繪本漫畫文圖學 Picture Books and Comics in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China & Singapore: Perspective of Text and Image Studies edited by Lo-fen I, 146-184. Taoyuan: National Central University Press, 2021.
  • “港漫的全球在地化——甘小文漫畫文圖構築的香港文化 The Glocalization of Hong Kong Comics: Hong Kong Culture in the Kam Siu-man Comics’ Texts and Images.” 四方雲集:臺、港、中、新的繪本漫畫文圖學 Picture Books and Comics in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China & Singapore: Perspective of Text and Image Studies edited by Lo-fen I, 284-308. Taoyuan: National Central University Press, 2021.
  • "漫畫、體育與社會形態——東亞足球漫畫的面相 Comics, Sports & Social Formation: Images of Soccer Comics in East Asia.” 東張西望:文圖學與亞洲視界 Looking East & West: Text and Images Studies and Perspective of Asia edited by Lo-fen I, 75-102. Singapore: Global Publishing, 2019.
  • (With Kong Lingli) “南洋的五四--排日?、新文化?20世紀的南洋華人對五四的反應 May Fourth in Nanyang: Anti-Japan? New Culture? Nanyang Chinese’s Reaction on May Fourth in the 20th century. ” 五四百周年—— 啟蒙、記憶與開新 Hundred Years of May Fourth: Enlightenment, Memory & Open-mindedness edited by Kai-wing Chow, Chi-kong Lai & Chi-kin Au, 356-376. Hong Kong: Chunghwa Book, 2019.
  • “作為東亞文化交流媒介的朝鮮譯官──以朝鮮中葉的金指南家族為研究個案 Chosŏn Interpreters as East Asian Cultural Interaction Agency: Based on the Case of Kim Chi-nam’s Family.” In 東亞世界:政治、軍事、文化 East Asian World: Politics, Military and Culture, edited by Kai-wing Chow & Wing-chung Fan, 223-266. Hong Kong: Joint Publishing, 2014.

Journal Articles

  • (co-authored with Joyce W. I. Ho) "Customary and Customised: Nation-building at the Hong Kong Palace Museum." International Journal of Heritage Studies 29.3(2023): 122-144. ) (SSCI)
  • “朝鮮士大夫對清初海洋秩序重組的情報收集與對應 Reordering Maritime Order in the Early Qing Period: Chosŏn Intellectuals’ Perspectives and Responses.” 中央研究院人文及社會科學集刊Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy 34.3(2022): 559-588. (TSSCI)
  • "綠鴨朱鳶千萬里──明清時期安南、朝鮮赴華使節的文化交流與競爭 A Thousand Miles Between the Green Duck and the Red Falcon: The Cultural Interaction and Competition Between the Envoys of Annam and Chosŏn in the Ming-Qing Period." 清華學報 Tsing Hua Journal of Chinese Studies, 52.3(2022), 551-590.(The Tier One Core Journal of THCI)
  • “To Remember Ming Dynasty: Eighteenth-Century Joseon Envoys and their Interpreters on the Ming-Qing Transition.” The Review of Korean Studies 25.1(2022): 191-224 (KCI & SCOPUS)
  • “Chosŏn Interpreters as Cultural Brokers: The example of Kim Kyong-mun and the 1722 Mission to Beijing.” Journal of Asian History 55.2(2021): 219-302. (A&HCI)
  • “從南來到國際化——香港的漢籍流傳、整理與收藏史 From South-coming to Internationalization: History of Chinese Classics' Circulation, Collation and Collection in Hong Kong.” 東亞漢學研究 East Asian Journal of Sinology 14(2020): 47-104.
  • “朝鮮漢語譯官與中朝文化交流網絡的構築——以李尚迪與阮堂《歲寒圖》的關係為研究中心 Chosŏn Interpreters of Chinese and Constructing Network of Sino-Chosŏn Cultural Interaction: Case Study of the Relationship between Yi Sang-jŏk and Wandong Sehando.” 香港中文大學中國文化研究所學報 Journal of Chinese Studies (2020): 121-151.
  • “博約與專業:新加坡的華文教育與中國大學教育的關聯性 Extensiveness and Professionalization: Relationship between University Education in China and Chinese Language (Huawen) Education in Singapore.”南洋學報Journal of the South Seas Society 73 (2019): 179-205.
  • “文化南來與新加坡華文教育的形塑——以香港大學與馬大(新大)中文系關係為研究個案 Cultural South Coming and the Shaping of Singapore Chinese Education Case Study of the Relationship between Department of Chinese, HKU and University of Malaya (Singapore)” 教育學報Journal of Educational Studies 14.3(2018): 111-119. (CSSCI 中文社會科學引文索引)
  • “東亞文化圈視野下朝鮮後期對澳門的認知 Late Chosŏn’s Understanding on Macau under the Perspective of East Asian Cultural Interaction.” 成大歷史學報 Cheng Kung Journal of Historical Studies 50(2016): 1-36. (THCI 人文學核心期刊)
  • “朝鮮時代漢語教科書與譯官赴華使行知識的掌握——以《象院題語》為研究中心 Brief Study of Chinese Text Books and Interpreters’ Understanding of Chinese Culture during Chosŏn Dynasty.” 域外漢籍研究集刊Journal of Overseas Chinese Classics 13(2016): 133-156. (CSSCI中文社會科學引文索引)
  • “東亞文化交流視野下的朝鮮譯官角色──以譯官金指南的活動為中心 The Role of Chosŏn Interpreter by the Perspectives of East Asian Cultural Interaction: The Study of Kim Chi-nam’s Activities.” 東洋學 Oriental Studies 62(2016): 55-76. (KCI 韓國學術誌引用索引)
  • “二戰後香港的韓國歷史與文化研究回顧與展望 Looking to the Past for a Way Forward: A Review of Korean Studies in Post-war HK.” 慶南學 Kyǒngnam Studies 34(2015): 1-54.
  • “朝鮮燕行使視野下的乾隆禁教期間耶穌會士──以洪大容的《湛軒燕記》為研究對象 Jesuits during Qianlong Persecution of Christians Period in the View of Chosŏn Yŏnhaengsa: Case Study of Hong Tae-yong’s Tamhŏn Yŏnki.” Ming Qing Yanjiu 19 (2015): 111-144.
  • “燕行使團擔任文化媒介的朝鮮譯官──以金慶門(1673-1737年)為研究中心 Chosŏn Official Interpreters as Cultural Agents in the Mission to Beijing—Case Study of Kim Kyŏng-mun (1673-1737).” 漢學研究Chinese Studies 33.3(2015): 345-378. (THCI)
  • “Kim Wŏn-haeng’s Intellectual Influences on Hong Tae-yong: The Case of Relations between Nakhak and Pukhak.” International Journal of Korean History 20.2(2015): 121-152. (KCI)
  • “Hong Kong Citizens’ Understanding of Islam: the Case of the Sheung Shui Mosque Development Project.” Asian Anthropology 14.1 (2015): 57-66. (Taylor & Francis)
  • “漢語與事大:從朝鮮的漢語翻譯人材培訓看其對明政策的轉變 Chinese Langauge and Serving the Great: The Training of Chosǒn Interpreters of Chinese Language and the Transformation of Chosǒn's Diplomatic Policy to Ming Dynasty.” 漢學研究集刊 Yuntech Journal of Chinese Studies 19(2014): 109-136.
  • “開港前朝鮮知識份子對西洋地理的認知與考辨──以李圭景和其《五洲衍文長箋散稿》為研究中心 The Understanding and Anlaysis of Western Geographical Knowledge of Chosŏn Intellectuals before 1876 Ports Opening: Based on the Case Study of I Guy-gyeong and his ‘Ojuyeonmunjangjeonsango’.” 동서인문 Journal of East-West Humanities 2(2014): 105-130.
  • “作為媒介的燕行使──柳厚祚1866年的燕行與朝鮮開港前的東北亞資訊認知 Yeonhaengsa as agents: The 1866 Mission of Yu Hu-jo and the Northeast Asian Understanding of Chosŏn before Ports Opening.” 한국학논집 Keimyung Korean Studies Journal. 53(2013): 393-417. (KCI)
  • “清代朝鮮人的西洋觀的形成──以洪大容燕行為研究中心 The Formation of Chosŏn People’s Western View During Qing Dynasty: Based on Hong Dae-yong’s Beijing Travel Case.” 台灣東亞文明研究學刊 Taiwan Journal of East Asian Studies 10.1(2013): 299-345. (THCI)
  • “乾隆禁教期的耶穌會士在華活動──以劉松齡為研究中心 The Activities of the Jesuits in Qianlong persecution of Christians period: based on Ferdinand Augustin Hallerstein case.”中國史研究 The Journal of Chinese Historical Researches 82(2013):93-114. (KCI)
  • “東亞文化交流視野下的空手道:沿革、發展及其意義 Karate under the East Asian Cultural Perspective: History, Development and Significance.” 新北大史學 New National Taipei University Historical Journal 12(2012): 1-20.

Selected Professional & Community Services

  • Member, Intangible Cultural Heritage Advisory Committee, HKSAR Government
  • Committee Member, Qing History Society (Singapore)
  • Former Guest Host, RTHK 31 Talk Show: History Night(五夜講場:歷史係咁話) & History on the Go: Korea (韓國乾坤四維遊)
  • Former Guest Host, RTHK Radio 5 Real Hong Kong (認真香港)

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