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Dr. Cheung Chi Leung Eddie 張子亮博士
BComm Sydney, MSc LSE, PhD ANU
Assistant Professor
School of Arts and Social Sciences

Teaching Areas & Research Interests

  • Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, International Finance

Selected Publications

Book Chapters

  • Cheung, E. C. and Y. C. Ma (2021), 'Long-term Determinants of Healthcare Expenditure in Hong Kong', in M. K. Fung and B. S. Sergi (eds.), Modeling Economic Growth in Contemporary Hong Kong, pp. 71-88, Emerald.

Journal Articles

  • Cheung E. C., M. C. Ng and Y. C. Ma (2019), "The Multi-Faceted Effects of Partial Interest Rate Liberalization in China", The Chinese Economy, vol. 52, pp.171-191.
  • Tang H. C., P. Liu and E. C. Cheung, (2013), “Changing Impact of Fiscal Policy on Selected ASEAN Countries”, Journal of Asian Economics, vol. 24, pp 103-116.
  • Cheung, E. C., (2007), book review of “Private Sector Involvement and International Financial Crises - an Analytical Perspective”, Economic Record, vol. 83, pp. 353-354.

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